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Bottom Side of Blue

by red cedars

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bkthefan One arrow of truth after another through your heart. Until you're just lying there in a puddle of your own cosmic blood.
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My Daddy came home everyday from there With mud on his face and a coal blank stare from that mine, down in that mine He only did it cause his daddy would make that same old trip through them same old woods from that mine, down in that mine He said son don't go down in that mine I swore to my dad I'd never work down there but here I stand breathing this foul air from that mine, down in that mine This mine it killed my grandpa it's dust killed my dad I can't believe I'm still down here, It's like I'm already dead From that mine, down in that mine I lost my soul, I'm gonna die, down in that mine.
She don't like me when I'm drinking She says I talk about dying to much I guess I do but I get a little worried She told me Jesus is all made up She dyes her hair and she looks so pretty She's got a smile that' ll light the day Her life is a little shitty, so sometimes she's got a lot to say Chorus She's out there, just where she's supposed to be flying high, sometimes too high to see She'll come crashing and a crying and a needing somebody to hold her I'll be there till the day I die to give her what she needs I hope and pray almost every evening to any god that' ll listen to me That she makes peace with all of his demons and that she stops smokin' all of my weed But in my heart I got this feeling, I think I even got it in my spleen She'll get the urge for leaving and try to take a little bitty piece of me Chorus
Ruby's Song 02:03
We were sittin' in the kitchen Candle shinin' through the brew You leaned over and you told me Honey, I still love you Well, the fight we had this morning We said some things that were not true Now it's a different situation Honey, I still love you too. Chorus: Why do we get so agitated? Why can't we always wear a smile? Life isn't long enough for sadness, Come here and hold me for awhile I blame your drinkin' and your smokin' and my obsessive need to clean Sometimes we seem so very different the other's fault we both agree Put your beer cap in the garbage Set the timer on the shower We're heading over to the Crow's Nest To be a Beardo for awhile Chorus
Sittin' here, all alone again Got my whiskey, Got my gin Wondering why I can't heed all the advise People are killing me I turn my eye as soon as they start telling me how I need to be Walkin' down the street Talkin' to myself Questions have no answers, answers don't ring a bell A worried mind there's too much stuff I need to unwind I need to push in the clutch There ain't much time for me to be that sand is running through the hour glass that's me Been downtown been all around I just got back today My woman she's gone when I got back I think she's gone to stay My soul it bleeds when they leave and then I drink about it Then I feel ok
She got a new lamp today And she looks at it the way she used to look at me Poor me, but I still look at her the way I used to look at my old Chevrolet There's a picture on the wall That shows us in a pose the way we used to be carefree But the picture in her mind I'm sad to say that it no longer includes me It's a new day today, ain't nothin' left to say except that I am free Free to do the lines and stay up late I know this can't be good for me So I settled on back down got my feet back on the ground but not the way they used to be Just when I got life all figured out I start misplacing my car keys Where the hell are my car keys,? I'm late again, where the hell are my car keys?
My ole ramblin' sole, my ole ramblin' sole I don't want to be here anymore I'm leaving here today up my mind is made I'm leaving yeah I'm walking out that door My ole ramblin'sole, my olde ramblin' sole I don't mean to be unkind but I'm losing half my mind and I don't want to stay in this town no more Everything is feeling good, maybe better than it should but when I get that urge for leaving then I'm out that door Everybody feels this way I know that's what they say But they don't know what it looks like through my mind's door Everything's a bit askew, bits and pieces of the blues All my friends think I'm crazy when I leave this way Chorus
Way Up There 02:19
It's a cold ass winter day The sun is out but it's dark inside my head Last night's a mile away, I'm all alone but a part of me' s still there Feels like the first grade just a different color and a different style of hair Their' s a blackness in this way but it's safer than being way up there Well my mind it goes this way when she leaves and she don't seem to care It's a weird old game we play we know it's bad but it keeps us in the air Way up there
Do not deceive me oh my darling, if your intent is not to love me for awhile, do not fake a warm embrace or still my kisses, my heart is true still holds it's youth...like a child Love life goes round in circles and each circle looks the same there's a broken hearted someone in this silly little game We play the soul mate love game as if that makes it better Our fates were sealed long ago in a forlorn lover's letter Oooh, and then we cry, oh how we cry, oooh how we cry oh how we cry I saw you smile at a stranger as she cut you in the line That sympathetic geture is all I need to change my mind And I'll hop back on this circle and I'll ride it through the pain While lonely hours turn to minutes, lonely minutes turn to rain Ooooh how I cry, Oh how I cry, oooh how I'm crying oh How I cry You say there is a pretty little girl a following you around As you honky tonk and hang around the late night music town She clamped down upon our love like a pit bull in a fight and now she's crowded in our circle holding on with all her might Oooh now we're all crying, oh how we cry, ooh how she's crying, oh how we cry. If you're gonnna leave me baby hold me over the water, let me down easy baby, hold me o'er the water, if you're goinna leave me baby hold me over the water...let me down easy baby hold me o'er the water


released July 26, 2014


all rights reserved



red cedars Cincinnati, Ohio

Dinah Devoto and Patrick Kennedy have been playing together for 6 years in the Cincinnati area. Song writing and song catching of old timey, roots music keeps them honest and loved among listening folk.

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